I'm a software developer in the audio industry. I'm interested in music and music production, retro games, programming languages, and writing things down before I forget them.

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Sci-fi dungeon crawl shooter with puzzles

Inspired by the 2D golf games of the late 80s

Tile-based puzzle game inspired by traditional roguelikes

Pirate Tactix
Turn-based tactical game with ship-to-ship combat

Programming Languages

Stack-oriented programming language based on Assembly style syntax

Lisp programming language

Object-based, prototype-based scripting language


8-bit computer emulator and framework

Modular Software Synthesizer
Very early prototype of a modular software synthesizer

HTML5 & JavaScript
Game clones, visual effects, and simulations written in JavaScript


Assembly-Level View on C++ Development
A low-level view on C++ programming that discusses different concepts of C++ and the generated assembly

Applying the Input-Process-Output Model to Software Design
A perspective on software design based on the input-process-output model, with a focus on data flow

Opinions on Software Development
My opinions on open-source, programming languages, and the root of all evil

Alternative World Wide Web
Sick of the mainstream Web experience? Too much advertisements, top 10 lists, and social media junk? Then it's time to create your own Web!

Static Website Generation
Generating static websites using Markdown, JSON, and Python

The Two-Browser Strategy
On the topic of browser compartmentalization and why I use two browsers

Introduction to Lisp Languages
Brief introduction to the Lisp family of programming languages

Introduction to Music Tracking
Brief introduction to creating music with music tracker software like MilkyTracker, FamiTracker, and others

What lifting weights can teach you about life
I discuss how discipline, hard work, patience, humility, and reliability relate to fitness

Introduction to GameBoy Development
Brief introduction to Nintendo GameBoy programming with links to resources (old)

Team Fortress 2 Strategy Guide
The basics of how to play Team Fortress 2 (old)


Electronic Music
Music that I've produced from 2007 to 2013

Freeware Recommendations
Links to free software that I personally use and recommend

Links to talks and blogs, mostly programming related

A curated list of links that can be searched