/ Music Trackers

A music tracker is a piece of software with which you can create music, either by controlling the properties of a sound chip, or by playing pre-recorded audio samples. Trackers have a long history dating back to the 80s. Since then they have been used for video games, demos and music projects. Songs are saved to so called modules. They contain all the song data, including the samples, and are very small in size, compared to WAV files or MP3s. This makes them perfect for sharing music as well as learning the techniques of other musicians.

All trackers share the same interface for notating music. Sadly, it is not very intuitive. You also have to learn the specifics of the tracker that you are using. My goal is to introduce you to some of the basic concepts and then show you how different trackers work. I will provide links to more information as well as some audio samples on each page.